• Splinters Ticker! - 1ST QUARTER NQM 12/1/18 @0700 PST. 

    1ST QUARTER NQM 12/1/18 @0700 PST.


The Brush Dawgs Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (BDLEMC)is a NON-PROFIT organization (501c3) composed entirely of current or former US Border Patrol Agents whose purpose is to be a positive force across the nation that will gather resources and distribute aid to those in need, beginning first with members of the BDLEMC, next to fallen Border Patrol Agents families outside the BDLEMC, extend aid to others with credible needs within the Patrol, then to other fallen Law Enforcement Officers, and finally extending aid to others with credible needs outside the Club, Patrol, and Law Enforcement community to the extent that we are able.  Furthermore, we strive to promote camaraderie and esprit de corps amongst the membership of the BDLEMC and within the “Border Patrol Family” as a whole, promote and regulate a code of conduct that will foster the pride of the Patrol, hinder conduct which may bring shame or discredit to the Patrol, and further the purpose of the BDLEMC.