About Us

Our Founding

A long time ago…. in a sector not too far away…. two brothers in green, who rode, decided that the “Patrol” needed someone to help take care of our own, their families, our fellow LEO brothers and the public in their times of need. They knew the “Patrol” could only do so much for them and they wanted and needed to do more. So they issued a call to their fellow brothers in green who rode, and 13 like minded individuals answered the call. On September 11th, 2009 they gathered in Tucson, AZ and formed the Brush Dawgs Law Enforcement Club (BDLEMC). From that day forward and through the rest of time, the original 15 came to be known as the “First Fifteen”.


The order of importance within the BDLEMC shall be:

Family, Patrol, Club.

Family, being the cornerstone of individual well-being, is paramount.

The Patrol, being second in importance only to Family, provides the financial means by which members support the motorcycling hobby.

Club, eclipsed in importance only by Family and the Patrol, is a brotherhood /sisterhood of agents who share a common love of motorcycling, pledge their loyalty and support to one another, and come together for camaraderie and for the advancement of charitable causes. An individual member may always invoke legitimate Family, United States Border Patrol and/or military obligations as legitimate reasons that would make attendance at certain BDLEMC functions or increased BDLEMC duties impractical.

Disclaimer:  The BDLEMC is not endorsed, nor sanctioned by the United States Border Patrol, the United States Government (or any subdivision thereof), or any other organization or association either public or private.