Want to Join us?

What it takes to be one of us.

Membership in the BDLEMC shall be open to any active or retired (medically or otherwise) Border Patrol Agent who meets the following criteria: owns and rides a two- or three-wheeled motorcycle of any make and model, agrees with the purpose of the BDLEMC, pledges loyalty to the club, pays dues, agrees to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws, and has not previously separated from the BDLEMC in bad standing. All membership candidates who wish to join the BDLEMC shall be sponsored by a full patched member, shall be vetted by National, shall successfully complete a prospect period and shall be voted in by all full-patched members of the Local Chapter they are trying to join. Additionally, a full-patched member that leaves the US Border Patrol for another Law Enforcement Agency with full arrest authority shall be “grandfathered” and allowed to maintain his/her active Brush Dawgs membership until such time as the member either no longer enjoys full arrest authority or retires with full arrest authority and converts his/her membership to a “retired” membership. A full patched member, who leaves the Patrol in good standing, does not retire or take on another job with full arrest authority, but wishes to remain a Brush Dawg under special circumstance will be considered by National on a case by case basis.

So seek out a Dawg flying your Sectors lower rocker and get to know them!

If you’re unable to do that and are adamant about joining then use our contact page,  join our forums and follow the registration and forum instructions. Please make sure that @bdlemc.com is added to your email clients safe sender list. If it isn’t, email from us may end up in your spam folder.

Prospecting: What to expect.

Any Border Patrol Agent that seeks membership in the BDLEMC shall be eligible to be voted in for membership as a “Prospect”. Prospects also need to be sponsored by a full patched member before they will be allowed to prospect for BDLEMC. Prospects may exercise the same rights and privileges as other BDLEMC members with the following exceptions:

Prospects shall wear neither a Top Rocker nor a Center Patch.

In place of a standard “Sector” Lower Rocker, Prospects shall wear only the “Prospect” Lower Rocker.

Prospects will also wear the LEMC on the back right side of the vest.

In some Sectors Prospects do not wear a cut but do wear a Prospect identifier only recognizable to Club Members.

Prospects shall not vote at any meetings. However, when called upon, Prospects shall be allowed to give input during the discussions leading up to a vote.

Prospects shall neither hold officer positions nor chair committees.

Prospects shall demonstrate knowledge of the BDLEMC, its structure, its history, its symbols, and its Constitution and Bylaws. Prospects shall also demonstrate a basic understanding of the risks associated with wearing a three-piece patch system and the implications it may have when encountering members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. Prospects should also be able to demonstrate that they know how to ride, act and participate in the BDLEMC and its functions.